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With over 104 branches spread from Karachi to Gilgit having approx 48399 x students, 2118 x teachers and over 1232 x adm staff, FF Edn system is amongst the largest Edn systems in the country.

Though it addresses the educational needs of all segments of the society but primary focus remains on the beneficiaries.

There is continuous effort to bring improvements and raise the stds which is clearly visible in our SSC exam results.

Most of FF schools are producing the best results in their respective areas.

            In comparison with FBI&SE affiliated school systems, FF schools have outclassed all others. GPA and pass percentage of FF schools is on the rise, the best SSC lvl results in FF Edn system history with 99.75% students passing and average GPA reaching 5.63 have been achieved in 2018.



Primary School 3
Middle School 2
Secondary Schools 80
Colleges 19
Total 104
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