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The Company started out in 1993 as Fauji Jordan Fertilizer Company (FJFC), a joint venture of Fauji Foundation, Fauji Fertilizer and Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC). It planned to produce, for the first time in Pakistan, 1,670 metric tons per day of Granulated Urea and 1,350 metric tons of Di-Ammonia phosphate (DAP). In 2003, after JPMC sold its shares, it was renamed as Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL). The major share-holders are FFC (51%) and Fauji Foundation (17%). It is a listed company with authorized and paid up capital of Rs. 11,000 million and Rs. 9,341 million, respectively.

FFBL plant site is a modern Granular Urea and Di-Ammonia Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer manufacturing complex, built at a cost of US$ 468 million and located on 350 acres in the Eastern Zone of Bin Qasim, Karachi. Commercial production started on January 1,2000.

Being the sole producer of DAP and Granular Urea, it is making a significant contribution towards agricultural growth in the country, by meeting around 50% of the demand of DAP and about 10% of Urea in the domestic market.

The Company under took an extensive upgradation programme with an estimated cost of US$ 82 million, which has enhanced its production capacity greatly: -

  • Ammonia, from 1270 metric tons to 1570 metric tons per day;
  • DAP, from 1350 metric tons to 2230 metric tons per day;
  • Urea, from 1670 metric tons to 1950 metric tons per day.

Since 2008, 100% requirement of phosphoric acid, the main raw material for DAP, is being supplied by Pakistan Maroc Phosphore S.A. (PMP), in which FFBL share holding is 25%.

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